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(D)Textbooks and Chapters

(D) Textbooks and Chapters

  1. Environmental Science (in Chinese)
  2. Pollution Control and Environmental Management, 2nd Ed., (in Chinese)
  3. Environmental Ethics and Sicence (in Chinese)
  4. Pollution Control and Environmental Management, 1st Ed. (in Chinese)
  5. Aerosol Theory and Applications (in Chinese)
  6. Air Quality Management (in Chinese)
  7. Handbook of Environmental Engineering Vol.1. Air Pollution Control Engineering (Chapter 4. Electrostatistic Precipitation)
  8. Solar Energy : Research, Technology and Applications (Potential Application of Solar Energy on Photocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide)
  9. Flue Gases : Research, Technology and Economics (The Removal of Mercury Chloride Emitted from the Flue Gases of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators Using Powdered Activated Carbons)