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(B)Conference Papers

  1. Ken-Lin Chang* and Laddawan Potprommanee: Improving the biological treatment of Bisphenol A by immobilization and inducer, 4th International Conference on Contaminated Land, Ecological Assessment and Remediation 2018 (CLEAR2018), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong, August 16-18, 2018.
  2. Ken-Lin Chang* and Laddawan Potprommanee: Pretreatments to enhance the enzymatic digestibility of biomass, A Semi-symposium on the Surface Chemistry of Biochar and Its Applications in Environmental and Related Systems, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Kaohsiung, May 25-26, 2018.
  3. Laddawan Potprommanee, Shao-Yuan Le, Ken-Lin Chang*: Ethanol fermentation from rice straw by use of Sacchromyces cerevisiae and Pichia stipites under SHF, SSF, SSCF or CP-SSC, International Conference on Challenges in Environmental Science & Engineering (CESE 2017), Kunming, China, November 11-15, 2017.
  4. Laddawan Potprommanee, Xiao-Qin Wang, Hao Liu, Ken-Lin Chang*: Biodegradation of BPA by surfactant-assisted laccase immobilization, International Conference on Challenges in Environmental Science & Engineering (CESE 2017), Kunming, China, November 11-15, 2017.
  5. Ken-Lin Chang*: Potential use of aquatic plant from wastewater treatment, Sustainability and Green Technology Conference, National University of Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung, June 15-16, 2017.
  6. Laddawan Potprommanee, Xiao-Qin Wang, Ye-Ju Han, Hao Deng, wan-yi liang, Jia-Shu Huang, Ken-Lin Chang*: Enhanced degradation of bisphenol A by immobilized biocatalysis with surfactant, The 33rd International conference of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health (SEGH 2017), Guangzhou Ocean Hotel, China, June 30-July 4, 2017.
  7. Ken-Lin Chang*, Xiao-Qin Wang, Hao Deng, Laddawan Potprommanee: Enhancement of delignification and saccharification of biomass by biological pretreatment with ionic liquid or surfactant, The 2nd International Conference on Biological Waste as Resource (BWR2017), Hong Kong Polytechnic University,  Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong, May 25-28, 2017.
  8. Ken-Lin Chang*, Xi-Mei Chen, Ye-Ju Han, Xiao-Qin Wang, Laddawan Potprommanee, Cheng-Qiang Li, Yu-Hang Chen: Enhanced enzymatic saccharification of water hyacinth by ionic liquid/ultrasound pretreatment, The 1st International Conference on Bioresource Technology for Bioenergy, Sitges, Spain, October 23-26, 2016.
  9. Kang-Shin Chen, Yang-Neng Qiu, Ken-Lin Chang, Chia-Hsiang Lai, Yi-Ta Ho, Jian Sun, Yen-Ping Peng*: Characterizations of p-n Junction BiOI doped Titanate Nanotube Arrays Electrode and its Applications on Photoelectrochemical Azo Dye Oxidation and Hydrogen Generation, The 2nd International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Health, Guangzhou, China, June 13-15, 2016.
  10. Yen-Ping Peng, Qiannan Sun, Hanlin Chen, Ken-Lin Chang, Yang-Neng Qiu: Photoelectrochemical Oxidation of Ibuprofen via Cu2O-doped TiO2 Nanotube Arrays, The 2nd International Conference on Emerging Contaminants, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, October 4-7, 2015.
  11. Ken-Lin Chang, Xiang Zhang, Qiannan Sun, Yen-Ping Peng, Sardar Khan, Yin Wang: Effects of biochar on physic-chemical properties during pig manure composting with agricultural wastes, International Conference on Solid Wastes 2015: Knowledge Transfer for Sustainable Resource Management (ICSWHK2015), Hong Kong SAR, China, May 19-23, 2015.
  12. Yen-Ping Peng, Hanlin Chen, Ao Ri Qi Leng, Ken-Lin Chang: Photoelectrochemical degradation of methyl orange on carbon and nitrogen co-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays, 9th International Conference on Urban Watershed Management, Tianjin, China, September 14-17, 2014.
  13. Ken-Lin Chang, Xing-Dong Wang, Meng Li, Zhen-Jiao Xing, Yen-Ping Peng, Yin Wang: Chemical and physical properties of biochar produced from spent mushroom substrate, 2013 International Conference on Frontiers of Environment, Energy and Bioscience (ICFEEB 2013), Beijing, China, October 24-25, 2013.
  14. Ken-Lin Chang: Physicochemical properties of biochar produced from spend mushroom substrate, 2013 Sino-German Scientific Symposium-Biochar in Agriculture, Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld, Germany, April 14-19, 2013.
  15. Ken-Lin Chang, Kam-Fei Wong, Po-Jung Huang, Jitladda Thitikorn-amorn, Vanarat Phakeenuya, Shui-Tein Chen: Elucidation of biodegradation mechanisms by functional proteomics, 2011 International Conference on Functional Proteomics: Advances in Post-Translational Modificiation, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, November 14-15, 2011.
  16. Jitladda Thitikorn-amorn, Vanarat Phakeenuya, Ken-Lin Chang, Khanok Ratanakhanokchai, Shui-Tein Chen: Production of bio-ethanol from rice straw by thermostable ethanogenic microbials, 2011 International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels (ISAF), Verona, Italy, October 10-14, 2011.
  17. Kam-Fei Wong, Ken-Lin Chang, Po-Jung Huang, Johnson Lin, Shui-Tein Chen: Proteome change of Rhodococcus pyridinivorans after biodegradation of the endocrine-disrupting chemical, Bisphenol A, 2011 Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists and Molecular Biologists (FAOBMB) Conference, Matrix Building, Biopolis, Singapore, October 5-7, 2011.
  18. Ken-Lin Chang, Jun-Hong Lin, Shui-Tein Chen: Adsorption studies on the removal of pesticides (Carbofuran) using activated carbon from rice straw agricultural waste, International Conference on Energy and Environment, Venice, Italy, April 27-29, 2011.
  19. Chia-Che Tsai, Chia-Jung Chen, Wei-Ying Hsieh, Hui-Ming Yu, Ken-Lin Chang and Shui-Tein Chen: Structure and biological activity of oligoglucan from wheat grass, The International Conference on Agriculture and Agro-Industry 2010 (ICAAI2010), Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand, November 19-20, 2010.
  20. Ken-Lin Chang, Jung-Feng Hsieh, Jun-Hong Lin, Shui-Tein Chen: Adsorption of bisphenol A using an agricultural waste, 2010-The Taiwan Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Peikong creek resort & Spa, Nantou, Taiwan, November 11-13, 2010.
  21. Ken-Lin Chang, Jitladda Thitikorn-amorn, Shui-Tein Chen: Evaluation of freeze pretreatment for enzymatic conversion of rice straw, Biotechnology Taiwan 2009 – International Symposium on Stem Cell, Vaccine, and Molecular Medicine, Chang Yung-Fa Foundation International Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan, November 6-8, 2009.
  22. Ken-Lin Chang, Jitladda Thitikorn-amorn, Shui-Tein Chen: Hydrolysis of rice straw by cellulolytic, xylanolytic and ligninolytic enzymes, The 3rd International Symposium on Bio-Inspired Engineering, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, October 21-23, 2009.
  23. Ken-Lin Chang, Jitladda Thitikorn-amorn, Shui-Tein Chen: Entrapment immobilization of enzymes to improve monosaccharides production from rice straw, Nuclear & Renewable energy source with International Participation, Ankara, Turkey, September 28-29, 2009.
  24. Ken-Lin Chang, Jitladda Thitikorn-amorn, Shui-Tein Chen: A NOVEL PRETREATMENT OF RICE STRAW USING FREEZE PROCESS, 21st annual meeting and international conference of the Thai Society for Biotechnology, Bangkok, Thailand, September 24-25, 2009.
  25. Jitladda Thitikorn-amorn, Ken-Lin Chang, Ting-Chia Lin, Shui-Tein Chen: Entrapment Immobilization of Lignocellulolytic Enzymes to Improve Ethanol Production from Rice Straw, 12th SCBA (Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America) International Symposium, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, June 14-18, 2009.
  26. Jitladda Thitikorn-amorn, Ken-Lin Chang, Ting-Chia Lin, Shui-Tein Chen: Synergistic Effect of Cellulolytic, Xylanolytic and Ligninolytic Enzyme for Rice Straw Degradation, 12th SCBA (Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America) International Symposium, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, June 14-18, 2009.
  27. Ken-Lin Chang*, Kazuhiko Sekiguchi, Kazuhiko Sakamoto, Ming-Shean Chou: Photocatalytic degradation of ethylene using ozone-producing UV lamp with TiO2 catalyst, The 5th Asian Aerosol Conference, Tuntex Sky Tower, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, August 26-29, 2007, pp. 48-49.
  28. Chou, M. S. and Ken-Lin Chang: Oxidation of Aqueous 2,2,3,3-tetra-fluoro-propanol (TFP) Using Several Advanced Oxidation Processes, 2006 Annual Conference of International Ozone Association, Arlington, Texas, USA, September 17-20, 2006, pp. 1-12.
  29. Chou, M. S. and Ken-Lin Chang: Batch Study on UV (185 nm) and UV (254 nm)/O3 Processes of Hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS), 12th International Conference on Advanced Oxidation Technologies for Treatment of Water, Air and Soil (AOTs-12), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, September 25-28, 2006, pp. 1-12.