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Details for 109-1 Doctoral Degree Candidate Qualification Evaluation.

  1. Application Quality: One year after admission (not including suspending period).

Complete at least half credits for graduation.

Approved by your Supervisor.

  1. Application Period: 2020 Sep 7th (Monday) to 2020 Sep 18th (Friday).
  2. Application Procedure:
  1. Download theInstitute of Environmental Engineering Doctoral Degree Candidate Qualification Evaluation Application Formattached or from our website.
  2. Print transcripts from Academic Affair’s website.
  3. The application forms shall be filled. Emailed to lincr@mail.nsysu.edu.tw. The hard copies also need to be signed by the advisor and send to institute’s office with the transcripts. All of them shall be done before 2020 Sep 18th (Friday).
  4. Application result will be notified by e-mail.
  5. After the application has passed, the Supervisor shall recruit the committees, deciding the Subjects (3 subjects), examine way(open book or close book), and Assign and Scoring Commissioners ( followed the rule ofEnvironmental Engineering Doctoral Degree Exam Applicant, each subject need to pick 1 or 2 Assign and Scoring Commissioners) and sent it to the institute’s office before 2020 Oct 5th (Monday).
  6. Testing time and place will be announced before 2020 Oct 19th (Monday).
  1. Date of examination: 2020 Octv 26th (Monday).
  2. Score confirmation:
  1. Testing result will be notified by e-mail. The candidates passing the examination should download the「通過博士候選人資格考核通知書」at Academic Affair’s website (http://web.nsysu.edu.tw/990826/20071003170050_1.doc). The form should be filled, signed by committees and approved by the Director, then send to institute’s office. If it’s not finished before 2021 Jan 31th, it will be considered as you are not passing the examination.
  2. Candidates who failed the subjects first time can apply for re-sitting. Those who failed to pass after one re-sit shall be directed to withdraw.


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