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Po-Jung Huang, Assistant Professor




Tel:+886 7 5252000 ext4410

Webpage:Multifunctional Composite Materials Lab

Google scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=-fArLK8AAAAJ&hl=zh-TW

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/po-jung-huang-a5354744/

Education Background

Texas A&M University, Materials Science and Engineering, Ph.D

National Taiwan University, Chemical Engineering, M.S.

Chang Gung University Chemical and Material Engineering, B.S.

Work Experiences

Jan. 2018 – Jun. 2018   Postdoctor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas A&M University

Jul. 2009 – Apr. 2012     Research Assistant, Institute of Biochemistry, Academia Sinica    

Research Interests


Polymeric composite

Microfluidics system

Environmental sensor


  1. Jun Kameoka, Po-Jung Huang, Roland Kaunas, Carl A Gregory, Hydrogel Microparticles via Soft Robotics Micromold (SRM) for In Vitro Cell Culture, US 15/093,356
  2. Haley L Marks, Gerard L Coté, Mitchell B Robinson, Po-Jung Huang, Jun Kameoka, Device for spectroscopic detection and monitoring of biologically relevant molecules, US Patent 9,989,471
  3. Mien-Chie Hung, Chao-Kai Chou, Pei-Hsiang Tsou, Po-Jung Huang, Jun Kameoka, FLOW PROTEOMETRIC METHODS FOR DIGITAL QUANTIFICATION AND BINDING ANALYSIS, US 62/677,556