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環境工程研究所 Institute of Environmental Engineering National Sun Yat-sen University

(C) 參與會議

  1. Pneumatic actuated Soft Micromold (PASMO) to create 3D Collagen microparticles, 2017 Material Robotics (MaRo) Bridging Materials Science and Robotics
  2. Development of High Throughput Microchannel Platform for Multi-Parameter Analysis of Protein in Single Complex (hi- Mmaps) for Drug Screening, 2016 IEEE-Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC)
  3. To Develop Platform of Creating Microenvironment through Pneumatic Actuated Soft Micromold (PASMO) for 3D Cancer Xenograft Model, 2016 IEEE-Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC)
  4. Development of Automated High Throughput Microfluidic Single Molecule Detection Platform for Point of Care Applications, 2015 NIH-IEEE strategic conference
  5. Alignment of collagen fiber pneumatic soft micromold (PSMM) device, 2014 Material Research Society