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環境工程研究所 Institute of Environmental Engineering National Sun Yat-sen University

(A) 期刊論文

  1. Laddawan Potprommanee, Xiao-Qin Wang, Ye-Ju Han, Didonc Nyobe, Yen-Ping Peng, Qing Huang, Jing-yong Liu, Yu-Ling Liao, Ken-Lin Chang*: Characterization of a Thermophilic Cellulase from Geobacillus sp. HTA426, an Efficient Cellulase-Producer on Alkali Pretreated of Lignocellulosic Biomass, PLOS ONE. (In Press, SCI, 3.057)

  2. Ken-Lin Chang, Ye-Ju Han, Xiao-Qin Wang, Xi-Mei Chen, Shao-Yuan Leu, Jing-yong Liu, Yen-Ping Peng, Yu-Ling Liao, Laddawan Potprommanee*: The effect of surfactant-assisted ultrasound-ionic liquid pretreatment on the structure and fermentable sugar production of a water hyacinth, Bioresource Technology. (In Press, SCI, 4.917), DOI: 10.1016/j.biortech.2017.02.044/

  3. Ken-Lin Chang, Xi-Mei Chen, Xiao-Qin Wang, Ye-Ju Han, Laddawan Potprommanee, Jing-yong Liu, Yu-Ling Liao, Xun-an Ning, Shui-yu Sun, Qing Huang*: Impact of surfactant type for ionic liquid pretreatment on enhancing delignification of rice straw, Bioresource Technology, 2017, 227, 388-392. (SCI, 4.917)

  4. Jiacong Chen, Jing yong Liu*, Yao He, Limao Huang, Shuiyu Sun, Jian Sun, KenLin Chang, Jiahong Kuo, Shaosong Huang, Xunan Ning: Investigation of co-combustion characteristics of sewage sludge and coffee grounds mixtures using thermogravimetric analysis coupled to artificial neural networks modeling, Bioresource Technology. (In Press, SCI, 4.917)

  5. Zhongxu Zhuo, Jingyong Liu*, Shuiyu Sun, Jian Sun, Jiahong Kuo, Kenlin Chang, Jiewen Fu, Yujie Wang: Thermogravimetric characteristics of textile dyeing sludge, coal and their blend in N2/O2 and CO2/O2 atmospheres, Applied Thermal Engineering, 2017,111, 87-94. (SCI, 3.043)

  6. Ken-Lin Chang, Xi-Mei Chen, Jian Sun, Jing-yong Liu, Shui-yu Sun, Zuo-yi Yang, Yin Wang*: Spent mushroom substrate biochar as a potential amendment in pig manure and rice straw composting processes, Environmental Technology, 2016. (In Press, SCI, 1.760)

  7. Limao Huang, Jing yong Liu*, Yao He, Shuiyu Sun, Jiacong Chen, Jian Sun, KenLin Chang, Jiahong Kuo, Xun an Ning: Thermodynamics and kinetics parameters of co-combustion between sewage sludge and water hyacinth in CO2/O2 atmosphere as biomass to solid biofuel, Bioresource Technology, 2016, 218, 631-642. (SCI, 4.917)

  8. Ken-Lin Chang, Xi-Mei Chen, Ye-Ju Han, Xiao-Qin Wang, Laddawan Potprommanee, Xun-an Ning , Jing-yong Liu, Jian Sun, Yen-Ping Peng, Shui-yu Sun, Yuan-Chung Lin*: Synergistic effects of surfactant-assisted ionic liquid pretreatment rice straw, Bioresource Technology, 2016, 214, 371-375. (SCI, 4.917)

  9. Ken-Lin Chang, Qiannan Sun, Yen-Ping Peng*, Shiau-Wu Lai, Menghau Sung, Chi-Yu Huang, Hsion-Wen Kuo, Jian Sun, Yi-Ching Lin: Cu2O loaded titanate nanotube arrays for simultaneously photoelectrochemical ibuprofen oxidation and hydrogen generation, Chemosphere, 2016, 150, 605-614. (SCI, 3.698).

  10. Qiannan Sun, Yen-Ping Peng*, Hanlin Chen, Ken-Lin Chang, Yang-Neng Qiu, Shiau-Wu Lai: Photoelectrochemical Oxidation of Ibuprofen via Cu2O-doped TiO2 Nanotube Arrays, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2016, 319, 121-129. (SCI, 4.836).

  11. Jian Sun*, Bihai Cai, Yaping Zhang, Yenping Peng, Ken-lin Chang, Xunan Ning, Guoguang Liu, Kun Yao, Yujie Wang, Zuoyi Yang, Jingyong Liu: Regulation of biocathode microbial fuel cell performance with respect to azo dye degradation and electricity generation via the selection of anodic inoculums, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2016, 41(9), 5141-5150. (SCI, 3.313)

  12. Xun-An Ning*, Jie-Ying Liang, Rui-Jing Li, Zhen Hong, Yu-Yie Wang, Ken-Lin Chang, Ya-Ping Zhang, Zuo-Yi Yang: Aromatic amine contents, component distributions and risk assessment in sludge from 10 textile-dyeing plants, Chemosphere, 2015, 134, 367-373. (SCI, 3.499)

  13. Xun-an Ning*, Yinfang Feng, Junji Wu, Changmin Chen, Yujie Wang, Jian Sun, Ken-lin Chang, Yaping Zhang, Zuoyi Yang, Jingyong Liu: Effect of K2FeO4/US treatment on textile dyeing sludge disintegration and dewaterability, Journal of Environmental Management, 2015, 162, 81-86. (SCI, 2.723)

  14. Po-Jung Huang, Ken-Lin Chang, Jung-Feng Hsieh, Shui-Tein Chen*: Catalysis of rice straw hydrolysis by the combination of immobilized cellulase from Aspergillus niger on 𝛽-Cyclodextrin-Fe3O4 nanoparticles and ionic liquid, Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, vol. 2015, Article ID 409103, 9 pages, 2015. doi:10.1155/2015/409103. (SCI, 2.88)

  15. Song Wu, Yong Xiao, Lu Wang, Yue Zheng, Ken-lin Chang, Zhiyong Zheng, Zhaohui Yang, John R. Varcoe, Feng Zhao*: Extracellular Electron Transfer Mediated by Flavins in Gram-positive Bacillus sp. WS-XY1 and Yeast Pichia stipitis, Electrochimica Acta, 2014, 146(10), 564–567. (SCI, 4.086)

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  18. Ken-Lin Chang, Yi-Hsuan Shih, Chao-Heng Tseng, Shui-Tein Chen, Chih-Cheng Chen*: Adsorption Studies on the Removal of an Herbicide (Atrazine) Using Activated Carbons Prepared from Agricultural Waste Sugarcane Bagasse, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013, 251, 378-382. (EI)

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