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環境工程研究所 Institute of Environmental Engineering National Sun Yat-sen University

(A) 期刊論文

  1. Ken-Lin Chang, Xiao-Qin Wang, Ye-Ju Han, Hao Deng, Liu Jing-yong, Yuan-Chung Lin*: Enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis of rice straw pretreated by oxidants assisted with photocatalysis technology, Materials, 2018, 11(5), 1-10. (SCI, 2.654)
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  4. Wenhao Xie, Jianli Huang, Jing yong Liu*, Yongjiu Zhao, Wuming Xie, Jiahong Kuo, Yao He, Jian Sun, Li Zheng, kenlin Chang, Shuiyu Sun, Musa Buyukada, Fatih Evrendilek: Assessing thermal behaviors and kinetics of (co-)combustion of textile dyeing sludge and sugarcane bagasse. Applied Thermal Engineering, 2018, 131, 874–883. (SCI, 3.444)
  5. Wenhao Xie, Jingyong Liu*, Candie Xie, Wuming Xie, Jiahong Kuo, Jian Sun, Xiaochun Zhang, Li Zheng, Shuiyu Sun, Kenlin Chang, Musa Buyukada, Fatih Evrendilek: Comparative thermogravimetric analyses of co-combustion of textile dyeing sludge and sugarcane bagasse in carbon dioxide/oxygen and nitrogen/oxygen atmospheres: thermal conversion characteristics, kinetics, and thermodynamics. Bioresource Technology, 2018, 255, 88–95. (SCI, 5.651)
  6. Candie Xie, Jing yong Liu*, Xiaochun Zhang, Yao He, Jian Sun, Ken-Lin Chang, Jiahong Kuo, Wenhao Xie, Chao Liu, Shuiyu Sun, Musa Buyukada, Fatih Evrendilek: Co-combustion thermal conversion characteristics of textile dyeing sludge and pomelo peel using TGA and artificial neural networks. Applied Energy, 2018, 212, 786–795. (SCI, 7.182)
  7. Limao Huang, Candie Xie, Jingyong Liu*, Xiaochun Zhang, KenLin Chang, Jiahong Kuo, Jian Sun, Wuming Xie, Li Zheng, Shuiyu Sun, Musa Buyukada, Fatih Evrendilek: Influence of catalysts on co-combustion of sewage sludge and water hyacinth blends as determined by TG-MS analysis, Bioresource Technology, 2018, 247, 217-225. (SCI, 5.651)
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  9. Jingyong Liu*, Candie Xie,Wuming Xie, Xiaochun Zhang, KenLin Chang, Jian Sun,Jiahong, Kuo,Wenhao, Xie,Chao, Liu,Shuiyu Sun,Musa Buyukada,Fatih Evrendilek: Arsenic partitioning behavior during sludge co-combustion: thermodynamic equilibrium simulation. Waste Biomass Valor, 2018, (SCI, 1.337)
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  12. Ken-Lin Chang, Lin Yuan-Chung, Jhang Syu-Ruei, Cheng Way Lee, Chen Shang-Cyuan, Mao Sung-Yuan: Rapid Jatropha-Castor Biodiesel Production with Microwave Heating and a Heterogeneous Base Catalyst Nano-Ca(OH)(2)/Fe3O4, CATALYSTS, 2017, Volume: 7, Issue: 7 Article Number: 203. (SCI, 3.082)
  13. Laddawan Potprommanee, Xiao-Qin Wang, Ye-Ju Han, Didonc Nyobe,  Yen-Ping Peng, Qing Huang, Jing-yong Liu, Yu-Ling Liao, Ken-Lin Chang*: Characterization of a Thermophilic Cellulase from Geobacillus sp. HTA426, an Efficient Cellulase-Producer on Alkali Pretreated of Lignocellulosic Biomass, PLOS ONE, 2017, 12(4): e0175004. (SCI, 3.057)
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